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Comparing the three dynamic data structures of array lists

Comparing the three dynamic data structures of array lists.  

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Good day, all!

There are certainly a few key differences between static and dynamic data structures!

On the most basic level, as their names suggest, a dynamic data  structure is resizable whereas a static data structure is fixed.  According to geeksforgeeks.com article “Static Data Structure vs Dynamic  Data Structure”, both types of structures can modify their elements,  but a static data structure’s elements can be changed without changing  the space in memory that has been allocated to it (ShivamKD. 2018, Mar  13).

Consequently, overall performance of the code is s typically slower  when dealing with a dynamic data structure. This is because, for  instance, when an array list is utilized, the resize function of the  class must create a brand new copy of the original array and copy it to a  new one. This is much less efficient than a regular array (unless the  regular array itself needs to be resized).

Comparing the three dynamic data structures of array lists, linked  lists, and vectors, there are some notable differences as well.

Both array lists and vectors are in the family of the List interface.  Linked lists also take part in the List interface but additionally take  part in the Queues interface. This addition adds more available methods  for the user to utilize in their code (Programcreek.com. 2013, Mar 4.  “ArrayList vs. LinkedList vs. Vector”). According to the article,  vectors double in size each time they are utilized, whereas an array  list only grows at a 50% rate.

As far as implementation is concerned, according to the w3spoint.com  website, an array list should be utilized over a linked list if there  are more get/set operations in the code. Otherwise, for add/remove  operations the linked list is preferable (“ArrayList vs Linkedlist vs  Vector in Java”. 2018, Mar 13). There is a very noticeable difference in  their performance when comparing get/set and add/remove methods (as is  demonstrated in the article). As far as vectors go, one key component  associated with them is the fact that one can utilize and manipulate  elements in the vector utilizing index positions. This allows for  iteration over the objects within the vector similar to an array!

Thanks class and best of wishes on your upcoming assignments!

Comparing the three dynamic data structures of array lists

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