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Evolution And Ecology.

1. Many endemic species are found in areas that are geographically isolated. Suggest two plausible scientific explanations for why this is so. Back up your explanations with details and information from the course to (the reader) that these are plausible explanations.

2. There are three small islands with lizards on them.

Island 1 has a species richness of 30, Simpson’s Diversity Index of 0.31, and a Shannon Weiner Index of 1.1

Island 2 has a species richness of 30, Simpson’s Diversity Index of 0.37, and a Shannon Weiner Index of 1.0

Island 3 has a species richness of 30, Simpson’s Diversity Index of 0.54, and a Shannon Weiner Index of 0.6

Based on these metrics, which island will you petition the government to preserve? Defend your answer using the concepts of species richness and species diversity, as well as what you have learned about conservation biology.

3. Evolution does NOT always lead to organisms having the traits that are best suited to their environment. Why not?

4. In nature, sometimes we observe patterns that can be created by two or more different processes. Give one example and explain the processes that could lead to that pattern.

5. What best explains the current global distribution of marsupials?

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