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Peer review situation importance of it

Peer review situation importance of it. The Lack’s situation reminds me of the present situation we are in now concerning Roe vs Wade. Henrietta Lack after dying, without her husband permission, the doctors removed her cells from a tumor. Now, how unethical is this procedure. They did not ask for permission, nor did they have the right. These type of procedures happen here now. But like my first statement, this procedure they did on Mrs. Lack is something like how the government is banning abortion and making choice about a women body and how they reproduce. If anyone knows about the death of Kendrick Johnson, they removed all his organs and stuffed him with newspaper in order not to do a biopsy after his death. Its 2022 and no one can seem the tell what happen to his organs. The Nuremberg Code is a set of 10 ethical research principles for human experimentation. These rules were established by the U.S. v Brandt case at Nuremberg, where the first international war crimes tribunal in history was held after World War II. These principles are important also now in the present-tense due to all the medical human experiments that go on daily that we as human do not even know about. Today, experimenting includes cloning animals, using stem cell treatments for patients and so many other human experiments. We must learn to adjust to so many new medical changes in the world today. New develops of cancer treatment, new medications and new technology. If the Lack’s situation happened today, there would be a lawsuit waiting to happen. I do believe that’s one reason they have people participate in organ donor when applying for your driver license too. You must have permission to do anything these days especially taking someone’s cells from a tumor. That is criminal negligence in the medical world.


During the 1950’s, the media, the Lacks family, and the general population viewed the medical community with the utmost fear and never-ending embarrassment. It had become a habit to push things under the rug or keeping any type of issues as quiet as possible. It was apparent that the medical community had become a topic of discussion that no one wanted to participate in or had any answers to the questions being asked or should i say are too ashamed to respond to. Mrs. Henrietta checked herself and knew immediately that something was wrong. She found a foreign lump but was ashamed of the issue with syphilis which made her it a secret not only from her partner but from her family as well. Afterwards she did tell a friend and then proceeded to explain to her husband that the blood she was experiencing was not from her period and she should be checked out by a doctor but was more afraid of what the outcome would be with her womb. In those times many procedures were completed without written or verbal consent. Some procedures were also completed without the person being informed. There were many questions of the reason for the medical field because it was doing more of a disservice for the people and the community and more of a service for the organization on a whole. During that era, it was also really expensive for the population to afford the cost of healthcare, therefore leaving the population to choose between having some form of quality of life or spend their whole life wondering how to pay for the healthcare that was an embarrassment in the first place. It became apparent that the cost as well as, the financial burden stopped many from seeking the help and turned to self-diagnosis and self-treatment as an option. In those time the medical treatment only happened if there was a life-threatening emergency. It was not foreign to see that proper care was not given or even refused in those days.

Peer review situation importance of it

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