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Provide the output data asked for within the problem statement to the user

Provide the output data asked for within the problem statement to the user.

 Character-Analysis ProgramProblem Statement:Design a program that asks the user to enter a string.  The string will then be displayed back to the user.  This is followed by determining the number of alphabetic characters, numeric characters, lower_case letters, upper_case letters, whitespace characters and then displaying them.  The user should be given additional chances to enter additional strings, and each time a string is entered, the above process is to be performed.  The inputting is to stop, when the user enters “end” as the input string. At that point, total number of alphabetic characters, numeric characters, lower_case letters, upper_case letters, whitespace characters are to be displayed and the program terminated.
An algorithm:1. Prompt the user to enter a string at the keyboard2. As long as the string is not “end”      2.1 Display the string, along with an appropriate message      2.2  Examine the current character of the string         2.2.1 If it’s alphabetic, update the alphabetic_counter and the total_alphabetic_counter         2.2.2 If it’s numeric, update the numeric _counter and the total_numeric_counter         2.2.3 If it’s a lower_case letter, update the lower_case _counter and the                  total_lower_case_counter 2.2.4 If it’s a upper_case letter, update the upper_case _counter and the                  total_upper_case_counter 2.2.5 If it’s a whitespace character, update the whitespace _counter and the                  total_whitespace_counter          2.2.6 Continue from step 2.2 with the next character until done with this string       2.3 Display the  alphabetic_counter,  numeric _counter,  lower_case _counter,  upper_case _counter, and  whitespace _counter, each on a separate line,              and each along with an appropriate message       2.4  Prompt the user to enter another string at the keyboard 3. Display the  total_alphabetic_counter,   total_ numeric _counter,       total_lower_case _counter, total_ upper_case _counter, and   total_ whitespace _counter,      each on a separate line, and each along with an appropriate message 4. Stop==================================================================================NOTE 1: The program will process alphabetic, numeric, and whitespace characters only.NOTE 2:A sample program run is attached below.  It illustrates user’s interactions with the program: Lab SIX – Sample Program Run.pdf  =======================================================================You need to set up a     Python solution that is     complete and     workable.

For your solution to be     complete, you must

  • Prompt the user for the specific input data asked for within the problem statement
  • Does the appropriate processing on the entered input data
  • Provide the output data asked for within the problem statement to the user

For your solution to be     workable,

  • Your solution should be free of any type of errors (syntax, run-time, logic)
  • You may want to develop an algorithm first, using pseudocode or flowchart
  • You do NOT need to turn in any algorithm

========================================================================Grading rubric:

  • You’ll receive full credit, if 
    • your program
      • compiles and runs with no problems 
      • produces the expected output
  • You’ll receive partial credit, if 
    • your program
      • compiles and runs with no problems 
      • produces partial output (that is, incomplete output)
  • You’ll receive 25% of the points, if your program will not compile
  • You’ll receive 30% of the points, if your program compiles but has a run-time problem
  • You’ll receive 40% of the points, if your program produces logic error(s)
  • You’ll receive 50% of the points, if your program compiles and run, but no functions are used
  • attachment


Provide the output data asked for within the problem statement to the user

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