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Strategic Management Of Technology And Innovation

Strategic Management Of Technology And Innovation. 1. Advantages and Nature vs. Nurture​​​​​​​

Reflect on the makeup of an organization.

  • To what      degree do you think the creativity of an organization is a function of the      creativity of the employees themselves, rather than the structure,      routines, incentives, and culture of the organization? Provide support for      your rationale.
  • Share an      example of an organization that you feel is particularly strong at      nurturing and leveraging the creativity of its individuals. Summarize      their approach.

2. Entering an Industry​​​​​​​

Reflect on and identify factors that might make some industries harder to pioneer than others.

  • Research and      provide an example or reflect on your own personal experience with      products you may have used. Are there any industries in which no penalty      exists for late entry?

3. Technical Debt

Reflect on the impact of technical debt on an organization. Technical debt is the concept of incurred costs in software development when a limited or inefficient solution is chosen over a better development approach. As a result, additional time and costs are involved to re-work and improve the software or system. This occurs in organizations for multiple reasons, including the need to rush to market.

  • What type of      impacts could this decision have on the organizations developing the      software or the consumers using it? What type of selection methods can be      used in these organizations to prevent technical debt from occurring when      making these software decisions in the future?

4. Collaboration

Reflect on the idea that collaborating on development projects with other organizations offers advantages, but it is important for firms to be strategic when making this decision.

  • What      elements should an organization consider when selecting a partner to      collaborate with on a development project?
  • Provide an      example of a project that was a collaborative effort between two      organizations. Summarize the collaborative project and the organizations      involved. Lastly, discuss the impact collaboration had on the end result      of the project.

5. Innovation in Firms

Reflect on the different types of innovation activities.

  • Do      certain types of innovation activities make it more likely for large firms      to outperform small firms and vice versa? How can integrating DevOps      practices influence these activities? Provide an example where this      occurred in the marketplace, the outcome, and DevOps’s impact on the      outcome.

6. Time of Entry

Reflect on how organizations strategically plan the timing of entry for their technology designs and projects. They may time the launch or implementation based on their production capacity or to take advantage of a business cycle.

  • Identify      an organization or design that you are familiar with that regularly      exercises this practice. What is the technology design? What is the      strategy for their timing of entry? How does this strategy benefit the      organization?

Strategic Management Of Technology And Innovation

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