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What are some of the areas where juvenile justice is still lacking?

What are some of the areas where juvenile justice is still lacking?. Directions: Choose twenty (20) of the following questions and provide a brief answer to each. Your response to each prompt should be at least one paragraph in length.

1. Describe the differences in the appropriate application of the get tough and go soft approaches to sentencing.

2. What are the three main components of the juvenile justice system?

3. Name the four basic correctional models in the juvenile justice system and briefly describe their philosophical bases.

4. What are the three basic assumptions of positivism?

5. What are the four social process theories?

6. What is the Uniform Crime Report?

7. Describe the difference between a status offender and a delinquent.

8. What is the purpose of a self-report study?

9. What are some limitations officers have when conducting searches involving juveniles?

10. Why are the Miranda Rights important when prosecuting juvenile delinquents?

11. Cite the three objections raised by constitutionalists regarding the juvenile court system.

12. What are the 4 positions regarding the deinstitutionalization of status offenders?

13. How did the juvenile justice and delinquency prevention act effect the institutionalization of status offenders?

14. What are the three pretrial procedures of the juvenile court?

15. What are the two types of disposition hearings and why are they separate hearings?

16. What is it called when juveniles are transferred automatically to adult court when they commit a particular crime? What types of crime cause this type of automatic transfer?

17. Explain the purpose and procedure of blended sentencing.

18. Why are waivers still an important part of juvenile justice?

19. Summarize the three probation procedures.

20. What are some of the specificities involved in intensive supervision?

21. Why is restorative justice sometimes viewed as a victim-centered approach?

22. Describe Anne Newton’s three levels of delinquency prevention. Are they generally effective?

23. Discuss the pros and cons of the four different types of restorative justice case-processing models.

24. Why is there a debate as to who decides when the juvenile offender should be released?

25. What are some of the defining characteristics of Intensive Aftercare Supervision?

26. Discuss the differences in detention centers and attention homes.

27. What are some of the goals of training schools? What are the basic philosophies?

28. Explain the differences for females who are living in a training school.

29. Explain the evolution in correctional treatment from the mid-20th century to today.

30. Discuss the ingredients of effective aftercare programs. Which ones are the most important?

31. Why were gangs in the 80s becoming increasingly adult oriented?

32. Discuss the three different types of gang leadership and how it applies to modern-day gangs.

33. List some of the drugs that high-risk juvenile use and explain the drugs’ effect on cognition.

34. What are some of the patterns generally associated with juveniles and drug use?

35. What other illegal activities are associated with drug-trafficking?

36. Why were the Beijing Rules so important for the International Juvenile Justice System?

37. What are the distinguishing characteristics of the Youth Criminal Justice Act?

38. What are the serious downfalls of the get-tough approach?

39. Give some examples of some of the new techno-corrections in juvenile justice.

40. What are some of the areas where juvenile justice is still lacking?


What are some of the areas where juvenile justice is still lacking?

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